I love this program because they walk you through things and are here to help you
not judge you. And I would do it again.


I am grateful for having the opportunity to attend this program.  It has definitely helped me in my recovery process.  Thanks to all staff involved.


I grew up in a normal home with a normal family.  I had a beautiful home and was ready to start a family of my own when I tried drugs for the first time.  My life changed so much, I threw everything away for drugs.  Seven years later and with the help of First Step, I’m clean and sober and back on track to make my dreams come true.

- Tiffany

Everyday, I hear echoes of my counselor’s words, “just do the next right thing.”  These words have guided me as I start my new life.  First Step gave me the tools to change my life and I’m using them.  I have a job, a car and soon I’ll have a home, but most importantly, I have my daughter!

- Lisa

“When I came to First Step I had no idea that the experience would change my life in such a positive way.  I learned to have hope, was given the tools on how to live life one day at a time and I blossomed into the person I knew I always could be.  I am so grateful to have benefitted from the programs First Step offered me as I continue my sober journey.”

- Carol M.

My name is Shawndra and my sobriety date is July 14, 2009.

Stepping on the grounds of First Step was the happiest day of my life. I stood there looking up at the sky knowing there was a Higher Power saving my soul. The light was shining on me that day and has been ever since. I took the 28 day treatment program by storm. I had to find out what was wrong with me and why I had been drinking so much.

First Step has given me the toolkit to use to live by on a daily basis. The 12 steps have given me a program of recovery that I live by every day.  My life has changed for the better. I can live a useful, effective, normal life. I can fit into society now.

For me, recovery is about building a relationship with my Higher Power, working the 12 steps on a daily basis, going to meetings, the Fellowship and doing service (giving back what God has freely given me).  I am truly grateful for First Step and my new sober life. Life has given me new meaning, a new purpose. Itís given me HOPE!

One Day at a Time!!

- Shawndra

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