Outpatient Programs

Adult Outpatient Counseling

First Step Outpatient Counseling is designed to meet the needs of those who are not in need of residential treatment, or due to other commitments in their personal and professional lives, need the freedom of outpatient counseling. The program blends individual, group and family therapy with substance abuse education. There are three levels of treatment intensity. An assessment determines which level is appropriate for each individual.

Clients must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for Adult Outpatient Counseling. Fees are based on a sliding scale.

Department of Corrections Adult Outpatient Program

Like Outpatient Counseling, this program blends individual, group and family therapy with substance abuse education. Services are coordinated with the client’s probation officer.

Suboxone Treatments

First Step continues to experience increases in the number of clients addicted to prescription opiates and recognizes that for some, a combination of medication and counseling brings better results. While SUBOXONE helps reduce physical cravings associated with the disease, counseling can help begin to make changes in behavior and lifestyle that may make it easier to focus on treatment goals. Suboxone treatment is currently offered only at the Sarasota Outpatient office.

Suboxone Program Facts

  • Program provides comprehensive psychiatric and substance abuse evaluation
  • All counseling is done through First Step’s Outpatient office located at 1750 17th Street, Suite J2
  • Visits include a rotation of medical and outpatient counseling evaluations, as well as Suboxone prescriptions

Suboxone Cost and Requirements

  • Initial visit – $350, includes medical evaluation, outpatient evaluation and prescription
  • Follow-up visit – $150 – one week after initial visit with doctor
  • Weekly services $100 – see doctor and participation in all outpatient services (group and individual counseling)

DUI Court

Working in conjunction with the legal system, First Step provides a voluntary outpatient alternative to jail for those facing charges associated with drug abuse behaviors or with DUI arrests. The multi-phase program teaches clients about their addiction with the goal of reducing criminal activities. The program includes regular court monitoring, individual and group counseling sessions. Clients must have a court referral to be considered for admission.

Family Safety Program

Recognizing that many families are in jeopardy of losing custody of their children due to ongoing substance abuse problems, First Step provides a unique array of family intervention, outpatient treatment and parenting education. These services are for parents referred from the Child Welfare System, locally recognized as the Safe Children’s Coalition. Anger management, substance abuse therapy and case management are also included.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (SMH NICU) Partnership

Since 2006, there has been a 130% increase in the number of drug exposed births at our community’s primary birthing center. Currently, an average of 1 in 10 babies delivered suffer from withdrawal. The babies remain in the NICU an average of 35 days. Much of this is directly attributable to the increase in prescription drug abuse. To increase the likelihood that the drug- involved parents engage in substance abuse treatment, First Step has developed a plan to work directly with Child Protective Investigations within the SMH NICU. The goal is to engage the drug involved parents while their child is still in the NICU when they are likely more receptive to participate.

Early Intervention Programming

First Step provides HIV/AIDS education and intervention services through the Early Intervention program. Staffed by professionally-trained outreach workers, this program accomplishes many of its goals by working in high drug-traffic areas and with First Step clients who request services.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Individuals with substance abuse/addiction issues who also may present with additional mental health needs can obtain treatment in our Co-occurring Intensive Outpatient Programs while continuing to work and live in their home community.  Individuals will receive 9 hours a week of group and individual counseling and educational lectures.

The 12-Step program philosophy is the cornerstone of our program.  An individualized approach to treatment and small group settings allow the patient to explore personal issues which contribute to the cycle of addiction.

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs provide:

  • Assessment and referral
  • 16 week group sessions
  • IOP Maintenance
  • Individual counseling
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Referral for detox and medication managed therapies


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