First Step has a 30-bed medically-supervised detoxification unit. With emphasis on good nutrition and vitamins, links to self-help support groups and planning for continuing care, First Step guides clients through the physical and emotional crisis of withdrawal. During the average stay of three to 10 days, clients participate in structured, daily activities including educational groups, AA/NA groups and discharge planning.

Both voluntary and involuntary admissions are accepted. Involuntary admissions are initiated through the Florida Marchman Act. To learn how to initiate the Marchman Act due to someone posing a danger to themselves or others because of substance abuse, click here. First Step’s detoxification unit is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Fees are based on a sliding scale and most insurance is accepted. To speak to a Detox admissions counselor, please call 941-953-2519.

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14th Annual Caring Hearts Luncheon

The 14th Annual Caring Hearts Luncheon, honoring Nancy Detert as the Caring Heart of the Year, will be February 22, 2017 at Michael’s on East.  Please click here to place your event reservation.

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