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First Step of Sarasota is a unique treatment provider because the treatment programs offered allow us to meet the needs of the different facets of the population we serve. Programs can be long-term, short, residential or outpatient.

Detox – While detoxification alone will not provide clients with all they need to enter a life of recovery, it is an essential step that clients need to take before entering a treatment program. The medically-supervised process allows individuals to safely detox from the toxins built up from drugs or alcohol use, while introducing the 12-Step process and providing treatment options, clients will have a clear mind as they enter the next phase of treatment.

Residential Programs

First Step offers two adult residential programs – Pathways (28-Day) and Extended Care (an additional 30-90 days). Located in the same facility, Pathways and Extended Care provide clients with intense residential treatment to establish a firm foundation in recovery. Using cutting edge and traditional science-based treatment methods and the 12-Step process, clients can establish a firm foundation in recovery. Aftercare is also available post-treatment. For more detail on Pathways and Extended Care, call 855-349-5988 or click here.

Population-Specific Programs

First Step operates five residential programs that were designed to meet the needs of a specific population.

Mothers & Infants is a long-term residential treatment program for pregnant, substance abusing women. Women enter the program, usually during their second trimester, and stay through the birth of their baby and beyond. The goals are to establish a life of recovery for the mother, help her deliver a healthy, drug-free baby and provide links to community resources that will assist her both while in program and as she transitions back to life in the community. Some examples of the links are parenting classes, GED/vocational support, workforce readiness sessions, access to child care and transitional housing. To learn more call 941-366-5333.

Seasons is a program specially designed for individuals suffering from chronic and persistent mental health and substance abuse issues. This 30-60 day residential program includes symptom management, relapse prevention, communication skill building, group and individual therapy, goal setting and discharge planning. When appropriate, family counseling is also incorporated. To learn more call 941-366-5333.

Choices and Crossroads are gender specific residential treatment programs provided by First Step under contract with the Department of Corrections. In order to be eligible for either of these programs, clients must be court-ordered to treatment. If you have a friend or family member faces charges for a drug-related felony arrest, they should speak to their attorney about the possibility of being considered for the program.

Voluntary Interim Placement – Enhanced Recovery (VIP-ER) – This program works in conjunction with several Sarasota County providers to provide services to homeless individuals and help them establish sobriety. In addition to substance abuse treatment, clients also receive services to address physical and mental health concerns, family reunification and workforce readiness, with an overall goal of finding appropriate, stable housing upon graduation.

Outpatient Programs

Adult – First Step provides substance abuse treatment in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Arcadia to clients who are able to maintain a stable home/work balance in addition to treatment. The frequency and length of treatment varies based on insurance coverage and treatment plans.

Youth – First Step’s Sarasota Outpatient office provides treatment to adolescents ages 13-18 with substance abuse issues. Often referred to treatment through the school system, clients receive group, individual and family counseling.

For more information on First Step’s Outpatient programs, call 941-366-5333.

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